ONE HOUR - Fast Service

People need to transfer money around the world for a variety of reasons including personal and commercial purposes. For some it is just a one off deal. For the other it is a regular need. Whether it is a one off deal or a regular need, they want the money to reach the recipient very quickly. Pioneern Money Transfer is well equipped with professional staff and updated technology to transfer money to the intended destinations very quickly in a flash. All the necessary procedures for transferring the money will be completed by us within one hour. As a result customer is able to get one hour fast service at Pioneern Money Transfer.

COMMITMENT – We Fulfil Our Promises!

Any organization which fulfil its promises to customers stands a few steps ahead than its competitors. Pioneern Money Transfer is no exception in this regard. Committed and experienced staff at Pioneern Money Transfer genuinely take care of the needs of the customers. Commitment has been in-built into the staff who are working with us. They are really assets for us. They focus on the target and work smartly to reach it with utmost skill to the delight and full satisfaction of the customers. When we promise that the sent money will be received by the recipient very quickly within just an hour, it has a definite meaning. That is our promises given to the customers are fulfilled. We have a large base of customers due to our ability to promptly fulfill the promises.

SMS NOTIFICATION - For All Processes

Pioneern Money Transfer not only fulfills its promises to transfer money securely and quickly to the intended recipients but it also ensures that customers are well informed about all the processes involved in the transaction. Customers are informed by sms notifications in their mobile phones. As soon as the money is transferred the senders will receive sms notification in their mobile phones informing that the money has been sent to the targeted recipients. Similarly, the recipients at the other end will also get sms notification in their mobile phones confirming that money has been transferred to their respective bank accounts. Pioneern Money Transfer keeps the customers well updated on the process of money transfer by this system of sending sms notifications.

BUY & SELL - All Foreign Currency

Pioneern Money Transfer handles selected foreign currencies that are in circulation in Toronto. You can buy or sell foreign currencies at this company. We have been approved for selling and buying foreign currencies subject to laws and the terms and conditions of the Regulating Agency. We offer attractive exchange rates for the currencies when you buy or sell. You will find out that our rates are much better than that offered by the banks. It is very much easier for you to buy or sell foreign currencies at Pioneern Money Transfer.


Pioneern Money Transfer has covered almost all countries in the world. It provides worldwide service to the customers. No matter where the recipient lives